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Royal Caribbean Bakery was founded in 1978 on Dyre Avenue, Bronx New York by Vincent and Jeanette HoSang. The 3,000 sq. foot facility, remains the home of one the Royal Caribbean Bakery Retail locations.  In 1987, as part of the company’s expansion drive, the HoSangs purchased Royal Caribbean Bakery’s 20,000 sq. ft. Corporate Facility which is located at 620 South Fulton Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY.


Royal Caribbean Bakery offers the finest quality hard dough bread, spice buns, coco bread, pastries, bulla cakes and black fruit cakes, and several other Caribbean favorites. The Bakery is also an official distributor of Caribbean Food Delights Jamaican Style beef, chicken and vegetable patties.

100% Jamaican!


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Jeanette Vincent HoSang

Our founders, before it all began! Vincent and Jeanette on their honeymoon in 1976.


100% Jamaican

Both Vincent and Jeanette HoSang (the founders of Royal Caribbean Bakery) were born and raised on the island of Jamaica in an atmosphere rich in diversity, culture, music and cuisine. After migrating to the United States, introducing the tantalizing tastes of Jamaica to the New York area only seemed natural - hence the beginning of Royal Caribbean Bakery. Finally, a place to get Patties, Hard Dough Bread, Bulla Cakes, and Easter Bun and cheese!

One can never be too far from the islands with a little Royal Caribbean Bakery food in your cupboard. All signature recipes have been "tested" for their authenticity and have received the highest ratings from fellow Jamaicans.

So, if you're feeling a little "Jamaican me hungry," come visit one of our outlets or distribution centers today.

We offer a variety of Jamaican Style Bakery products!

  • Hard Dough Bread
  • Coco Bread
  • Duck Bread
  • Spice Fruit Bun
  • Round Bun
  • Sugar Buns
  • Bulla
  • Coconut Bulla
  • Rock Cake
  • Black Fruit Cake
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